Company History

Year 2009 - New Premisess

The 6500 sqm of modern facilities provide high quality services that focus on direct and comprehensive services which ensure and complete difficult and complex projects.

The secure infrastructure, supply change management and Logistics support with all the modern and contemporary instruments are available to customers of the company, who can use the facilities 24/7.


Year 2005 - Trucks & Vehicles

The next step was to expand and strengthethe fleet with additional trucks and trailers. As a result the Company was able to respond promptly to the transfer of the groupage containers on site and to offer a more complete service to its customers.


Year 2004 - 3PLogistics

After joining the European Union and the liberalization of transport of the shipping business and the simplification of customs procedures, the Company rented 2500 sqm of storage space in order to be fully able to commence the 3PLogistics Services.
This move rank
ed the company within the pioneers of the Logistics Services and most successful Logistics Providers in the Cyprus market. The professional approach and the impeccable service establishes the Company as one of the most reliable partners.


Year 2002 - TNT Agency

Within two years the new established company Orbit Kazoulis Ltd had managed to successfully acquire a number of important agreements with huge prospects starting with the Courier Company TNT. The positive results of this agreement were visible almost immediately.

The reputable and well appreciated name of the Companythedetailed and attentive organization as well as the infrastructure had helped tremendously in the development and expansion of the courier Services. Within the four years that lasted the TNT deal the growth, the results as well as the performance were spectacular, profitable and of high quality

After the accession of Cyprus into the European Union in 2006, TNT Headquarters decided to operate solely under their own management and not under an agency.


Year 2000 - Merging Possess

During 2000 the Company had again innovated  and proceeded to merge its  services with Orbit Moving & Storage Ltd. It was an action that was aimed at the unification and strengthening of creating a new company with huge opportunities.

The new company was established and operated under the name of Orbit Kazoulis Ltd. This newly formed company had the ability and the recourses (prospects) to meet all the needs of the market, the momentum that had been gained by this merger was enormous. The infrastructure and staffing anticipated only successes and tremendous potential of expansion.

The successful merging of this company was terminated on 31st December 2007 when the two parties decided to return to their original status.



Year 1998 - New Services


Early in 1998 the Company expanded its activities by introducing new services such as Air Freight, Customs Clearance and Transport Services, With thesenew inductions the Company started offering a more comprehensive package service which was the precursor of the ALL IN services that was soon to be implemented. The experienced and dynamic Managers of the above services managed to turn it into a profitable and very successful services



Year 1997 - New offices

In 1997 the Company acquired its own new modern purpose-built building, fully equipped with all the appropriate amenities and installations which enabled the staff to continue working efficiently and effectively offering the utmost service both to the Customers as well as to the Agents and business collaborators of the Company.



Year 1985 - Computerization

During this year the Company developed and pioneered even further. This progress assisted the company into becoming fully computerized; an innovating and revolutionary yet difficult and quite complex move at that time. The Company benefited by this decision and it quickly became a pioneer in its field in those days. We can proudly say that we are still today, leaders in the automation and improvement of relevant software applications.



Year 1984 - Shipping Agency

In 1984 the Company entered in the Shipping Agency Service representing Chartered Vessels mainly from Greece and France.


Year 1981 - First Services

In 1981 the Company introduced a weekly consolidation service from Europe mainly from the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and France


Year 1980 - Company Founded

Our company was founded in 1980 by Mr. Andreas Kazoulis. It commenced its operation by offering Shipping and Forwarding Services.


      Company Overview

  •        Full range of facilities in order to cover  all needs from the market
  •        All services offered by the company are supported from company means.
  •        High quality of services with the most economical way.
  •        High company image.
  •         Long and successful  history records


  •       Orbit Kazoulis Ltd face a stiff competition from their competitors especially small companies who do not have a high running expenses.
  •         Also company has to cover the running expenses from the investment  recently finish.
  •       Control and reduced the daily running expenses compare with the incises of the company income.

       Potential Client   

         The potential clients for our company are:

  •       Forwarding services: companies that import and sell any type of retail goods. Cyprus is mostly an import country  with very few products produced locally. Therefore most of the goods are imported from abroad.
  •       Relocations: families that would like to move their households and companies moving to new offices.
  •       Transportation: companies or individuals that would like delivery of their goods
  •       Projects: companies involved in construction of large projects
  •       Document management: lawyers, accountants/auditors, banks and companies that maintain large paper archives
  •       3PLogistics/ warehousing: companies that would like to outsource the storage and management of their stock. These could be importers of wholesale goods like foodstuff, toys, apparel etc