Vessel Handling

sea freightKGL provides customized vessel handling services. From handling heavy shipment to chartered shipment, from consultancy to broking, we cover all the processes related to vessel handling.

We are fully aware of thelegal and technical competence that goes hand in hand with vessel handling skills and  not a single detail is missed during execution.

KGL provides vessel agency services for the carrier 24/7 and offers customer service from all ports worldwide to our facilities.

Acting as ship agents for vessel owners and operators, KGL ensures that all components of a vessels calling are handled efficiently and professionally at the lowest cost for the carrier.

For Vessel Owners and Charterers who have their vessels calling at Cyprus Ports, KGL offers a comprehensive menu of vessel handling services, which include:

Services we can offer 

master-kazoulis   Entry Inwards and Outwards
master-kazoulis   Crew Change
master-kazoulis   Hull and Engine repairs at all Cypriot Ports
master-kazoulis   Supply of Bunkers
master-kazoulis   Carrying out of Statutory Surveys
master-kazoulis   Survey of Cargo - Quantity and Quality
master-kazoulis   Cargo Canvassing
master-kazoulis   Sludge Disposal
master-kazoulis   Councilor Work
master-kazoulis   Liner Operations Services
master-kazoulis   Stevedoring