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Office Relocation

officeWhen you have an office to move it is a full time project to manage. ( on a lot of days and  a constant to do list on days when it is not a full time project. Each office move is different and requires customization based upon your business needs. We have taken some of the most common business moving tasks and put them together here for you to use.)

The prospect of moving office may seem daunting. But it’s just a process, and like any process, it can be broken down into a series of simple tasks and checks. By following these consolidaded steps, we can ensure your office move is on time, to budget and hassle free.

A few of the steps before moving

master-kazoulis Obtain a floor plan of your current office layout
master-kazoulis Obtain a blue print of your new office location
master-kazoulis Create a proposed furniture orientation / office layout using blue print obtained
master-kazoulis Determine PC and Printer Locations in new space
master-kazoulis Determine location of shared office equipment (i.e. fax machines)
master-kazoulis Identify personal printers on the floor plan
master-kazoulis Evaluate new location to determine if there are any special limitations for movers
master-kazoulis Assign each new office space with an identification number
master-kazoulis Record all of the information you have learned
master-kazoulis Establish a Computer Team – Responsible for all aspects of PC moves