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HHGS Removal

hhgsWhether you are moving next door, or to the other end of the world, whether you are moving from a city apartment to a country house or from the countryside to any city centre , KGL can offer a simple, stress-free moving experience. KGL  has been moving homes for decades, and we are well aware and acquainted with customers' individual requirements.

Are you looking for a reliable moving company to move within  Cyprus ?  As one of the largest independent moving companies in Cyprus, KGL can fulfil your requirement. Our dedicated staff with long experience, in combination with the modern facilities and our professional agent, allows us to combine our local knowledge with our national and international expertise and resources, and to make tailor-made a move for you.

We can offer

master-kazoulis   Survey, for cost estimation
master-kazoulis   Picturing
master-kazoulis    Dissembling
master-kazoulis   Packing ( light, medium and heavy)
master-kazoulis   Marking
master-kazoulis   In house placing
master-kazoulis   Assembling
master-kazoulis   Debris Collection