Government agencies, shipping companies, customs brokers, freight storage companies are among those served by the port community system, called as the IT project to be implemented by the Cyprus Ports Authority.

Most experts say that the project is estimated to cost € 7 million and includes the installation, implementation, training permanent staff CPA and four maintenance-repair by the company that wins the tender. Relief Authority in choosing the right company, but also to oversee all processes that follow (project management) and full implementation of the IT project is the firm KPMG in Cyprus, which was selected through open competition.

Note that the bidding for the project expires on August 9 and on a schedule set by the ALK should result in the company which will work towards the end of this year. Moreover, it would take about two years to fully implement the new computer system, which will have many ISP.

This project is funded by the European Union and will harmonize Cyprus, specifically the Ports Authority with a series of directives Europe for one-stop services for persons who receive services from the ports. Indeed, the Ports Authority that manages each port work in Cyprus will become one of the first countries in Europe that will install and implement services single window, while other countries have not yet made the first steps to upgrade my services through technology.

Company News

Authorized Economic Operator (Full)

aeoKazoulis Global Logistics officially recognized as an Authorized Economic Operator


As Aristotle said Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort , and intelligent execution .It represents the wide choice of many alternatives Choice not change determines your destiny


On April the 22nd 2014 our Company has been attained as an Authorized Economic Operator Full (AEOF).
This certification is the highest level achievable in the EU programme for Authorised Economic Operators (AEO), and comprises Customs Simplifications and Security and is
been awarded to our company after strict and long term inspections, in our process and operations.

3PLogistics Agrement with Hadjiyiannis Logistics

Cooperation expansion

"...companies should expand beyond their existing resources through licensing arrangements, strategic alliances, and supplier relationships." Financial Times

Cooperation's based on respect, professionalism and common goals can only just be successful. After the successful cooperation in their product distribution , now our company has undertaken the whole logistics operation of A Hadjiyiannis and Sons Ltd, including forwarding, inventory control, warehousing , and distribution A Hadjiyiannis and Sons Ltd is a


Agency Agreement with Huawei

Huawei,  a leading global ICT solutions provider, reached into an agreement with our company to act as their agent and to handle their imports, exports, warehousing and distribution of all their products within Cyprus.




3PLogistics Agreement with Desras Trading

Our company reached into  an agreement with the comapny Desras Trading,  in order to offer them full logistics services, company established 20 years ago, today is an important player in the Cypriot beverage alcohol market. It specializes in importing and distributing leading international beverage alcohol brands, in the categories of beer, wines and spirits. It represents global companies such as Constellation/Accolade Brands the largest wine company in the world.


Cyprus Market News

Vassilikos LNG Terminal

Vassilikos LNG Terminal Construction Negotiations Reach Final Stages

Negotiations over the building of an LNG terminal in Vassilikos between Cyprus and its partners Noble and Delek have reached final stages. An MOU was signed between Cyprus, Noble, Delek and Avner on 26 June 2013 for the planning of the LNG terminal on the island. The current talks cover the structure and share capital of the terminal. A final agreement is expected to be achieved by December 2013.


CPA - IT Restructuring about 7 Million

In the new era of one-stop service is ready to enter the Cyprus Ports Authority (CPA) in order to make the range of services it offers simpler, more efficient and faster. Even with the new electronic system will install and implement ALK will allow the whole number of partners to take a space all information relating to port operations.